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Benshi HydraulicGroup


Benshi Company was established in the year 1987 as a company specialized in importing and distributing hydraulic hoses. Benshi Hydraulic Group consists of the following companies:



One of Benshi group companies. Our company establishes since 1995 specialized in producing hydraulic fittings made from a German mineral. Our principle is (We not alone and not the best, But We work to be that) We attempt from beginning to concern accuracy and high quality because its our aim.

We match with the most new development in the world by imported newest programmed lathes (CNC) that arrived accuracy and speed simultaneously. 

Depend on competent engineers in industrial drawing, operating, and maintenance of newest machines. Select competent workmen in this field.

To working one hand to shake your hands. We worked to cover the local requirements then We go to Arabic countries and go distance that. Our exploration from quality and kinds with international standards. We have ability to make special and specific pieces (shape - dimensions) which
can't produce by common lathes. Because your complacency is our purpose:

 - study prices by tidy way to be suitable to our and be you pleasure

 - keep the pieces by sheathing their (plastic - toil) and caning in strong and befitting boxes.

 - We stipulation with chipping company


One of the Benshi Group companies, which was established since 2018 and specializes in the production of fittings in the Sharjah region to facilitate customer access

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